Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Life Changes

Guess who's back? Back again? Katharine's back, with a brand new career.


I'm really sorry, so so sorry. You see, after my last blog things got a little surreal and, for lack of a better word, insane. On the 15th July 2015 I accepted a conditional offer to the University of Leeds to study a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Primary) from this September. My interview was on the 14th... Insane. Mental. Surreal. I still can't quite believe it, but it's happening. I'm doing it. I've even resigned!

So that's why I haven't been blogging. I've been sewing, but not at the same rate as usual and have only finished two projects since I received that offer. Needless to say I have a lot of reading to do and revision prior to this intense year I've signed myself up for, but I am SO excited! I've finally found what I want to do with my life and it's ever so slightly overwhelming. I am still having many moments of grinning to myself thinking "I bloody well did it", still lusting after stationary, and planning on how to be a model student. Most of all though? I'm dedicated to getting every child in my class sewing. My classroom will be the craftiest classroom in the woooorld!

So for the next year I will still be sewing, and blogging when I can (probably more regularly than I do now as I am a procrastinator), but you will also be getting regular snippets of the life of a stressed out PGCE student. Stay tuned for my grey hairs and breakdowns!

Onto sewing news however, today I entered my first competition! BamberSew.co.uk are running their annual dressmaking competition, and this year it's the Walkaway Dress. I still haven't finished the one I am doing for myself yet, but I am confident I will get this one done. Entry fee is £17.99 and you get the pattern and the fabric in that price, it seems like a fun experience and I am too excited! You can buy the kit here:  https://www.bambersew.com/Product.aspx?ProductID=7565&L=1#related-products

I finished Simplicity 1608 for my mum, and an English Tea Dress for myself (full posts on these to follow). Mine and Danny's one year anniversary is this weekend also and I am trying to find something to make last minute for that.

For the first time in a long time I have a box full of fabric and nothing planned for them. In a way that's stressing me out, I want to wear the fabric, but I don't know in which way. Stay tuned and you will see!

That's all from me from today, regular dressmaking news will resume tomorrow and in a much more regular fashion. If you'd like more regular updates from me then follow me on twitter (@sewtravelled) and instagram (@sewwelltravelled) where I am ever so slightly more active at the moment.

Til tomorrow, much love.

Kat xx

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