Friday, 10 July 2015

I must apologise...

Evening readers!
So this is an apology post. I am sorry.
Shall I stop there? Ok, bye!

No really, I'm sorry I've been neglecting my wonderful blog and growing audience lately, I really am. There's a reason though, a good one too, and it all started 6 weeks ago...

So at the end of May, through a series of events which I won't detail here, I got a little panicky about my life and my future and the fact that I have been 'sitting on the fence' for the past 4 years and so decided to take a leap... and apply for teacher training.
Now, I will start by saying this - I spent 6 months teaching England in Poland a year and a bit ago, and it was the most incredible and fulfilling 6 months of my entire life. For the first time in my life I found something that I was good at, and as a bonus I loved it. Sadly, though, I had to return to the UK to address some responsibilities and ended up in my current job, which has been great - don't get me wrong! - but it's felt like something was missing. I wish I hadn't dilly-dallied, but I did, and now I'm on a panic to get my future started.

In the past 4 weeks, after signing up with a teaching agency, deciding between primary and secondary and having a couple of freak-outs; I've submitted a UCAS application, told work, gotten 2 glowing references, completed my literacy test, revised the hell out of numeracy and have SOMEHOW managed to bag two interviews NEXT week for courses starting this September. I have no money, haven't managed to get into a UK school for experience yet, and am currently blindly panic planning my mock lessons which need to be ready for some interviews.

So that, essentially, is why I've been AWOL. I'm starting sewing again on Tuesday, with a stiff Zubrowka i soki jalbkowy by my side and will show something off in good time for your viewing pleasure. Until then, wish me luck! I need it :/

Kat xx

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