Sunday, 14 June 2015

Jersey Hell and Mini Projects

Evening all and a very happy weekend to everyone!
I'm sorry for my lack of posts lately. I have taken a sewing hiatus recently due to a number of factors, long stories and differing responsibilities and pressures. I'd love to say that life has been hunky dory, but it hasn't. I've been more stressed out than I have been for a long time, but after a weekend of sewing and spending quality time with my family I feel ready to kick the world's ass tomorrow!

So in between dressmaking I enjoy doing some mini projects for myself, family and friends. Mainly myself though, not going to lie, I'm a selfish crafter.

Apologies for the blurriness
So first on the mini projects are these project caddies. The one on the left I made for my mum for her birthday, and then found it so easy that I decided to make my own which is on the right. Each one is fully lined with pockets around the outer. I have been using mine to keep fabric in, but my dear momma has been using hers properly, for all her crafting cross stitchy bits.

The next one is half finished - sorry about that Danny! This is the start of a glasses case I meant to make for my boyfriend, as he's always throwing his glasses into bags unprotected. I liked the idea of him taking his glasses out and turning into a superhero, but I hit a wall with the bias and threw a tantrum, so it didn't get any further. One day Danny, I promise!

The above is the cushion that I made for Danny for Valentine's day (I'm a big fan of making presents). I didn't realise until I'd finished it though that there were some parts with spiders on, so I had to applique black squares over them to pander to a phobia. He still loves it though, which is the main thing :)

The final mini project is a mystery, as my mum reads this blog and it's a surprise for her. But it may never be finished as I threw a tantrum and told it to eff off a couple of weeks ago. I haven't touched it since.

As well as that I made a mini circle skirt yesterday out of four way stretch jersey fabric. The fabric is beautiful and soft, and I do love it, don't get me wrong; but OH MY GOD I WANTED TO SET FIRE TO IT. That sort of fabric just has a mind of it's own, it never stayed still, it wouldn't hold a pin, and I basically spent yesterday using some extremely foul language with it. But, it worked out in the end. The hem is a mess but I'm not fixing it, it's staying that way. I won't be doing that again until I have an overlocker, basically.

The pockets are lined with purple fabric scraps, which is a nice wee pop of colour too :) This pattern is by Sew Girl and was featured in the March (???) issue of Love Sewing.

So there we are! If you want the pattern details for anything else featured in this blog please give me a shout and I'll send them over/feature them.

Til next time kiddlywinks :) 

Kat xxx

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