Monday, 9 March 2015

Bag It Up

Evening all!
These past few weeks I took on the challenge of making myself a new bag. I bought the main body fabric last month because I loved it but had no idea what to do with it (it's also WAY too expensive to make into clothes right now), but then it inspired me to make a travel inspired bag. Honestly, I'm pretty damn proud of how it's turned out. It has a couple of flaws but only I can really see them luckily.

Annoyingly I didn't photograph the process of it. These days I get so zoned in with my sewing that I feel taking a photo will take up valuable sewing time; so I'll just briefly run through what I did. The pattern is from the October issue of LoveSewing however, if anyone wants to order the back issue. You get an Eliza M pattern too. Amazing.

So I cut out all the separate pattern pieces from the corresponding fabric...
2 pieces of the vintage postcards for the outer
2 pieces of the purple lining fabric in the same size as the above
2 flap pieces in black and white postcard fabric
1 d-ring piece (this was cut in half later) (b&w postmarks)
2 strap pieces (b&w postmarks)
4 pocket pieces (vintage postcards)
1 buckle strap (b&w postmarks)
1 buckle tab (b&w postmarks)

Along with this I also cut fusible interfacing to match each piece (apart from the buckle pieces) and then affixed them to the corresponding fabric pieces.

Once this was done it was time to build the bag! For the most part it was simple enough... you need to box out the bottom corners of the bag which was a little bit of trial and error to be honest but I got there in the end. I won't detail the right (and various wrong ways) to do this but if you would like me to let me know!

I did the same for the lining and left a gap at the bottom, to then pull the outer layer through when inserting the lining. I did learn a lesson doing this though, make sure the flap doesn't get stuck between the lining and the outer when you pull it through, because then it's time to unpick and get mad. pin it down to the back before inserting the lining.

Complete with swivel clips, d rings and a side release buckle and the bag is done!

I wish I had been able to do a run down of this properly but I really suck at explaining these things without visuals. If you would like to make your own version of this bag let me know and I will send you over some measurements! Or you could just buy LoveSewing...

Let me know if you enjoyed this and/or found it useful and click the follow button if you'd like to see more of my creations!

Til next time you creative bears :)

Kat xx

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