Friday, 6 March 2015

Inside My Sewing Box

Happy Friday bloggers! I hope you're all having a lovely evening whatever you're doing, and if you're staying in, just remember there is no law that says you have to go out boozing on a Friday. Relish the Netflix binge watching with the cup of tea. That was mainly to make me feel better for not going out tonight. Instead I'm home blogging and watching stand up comedy on Netflix.

I wanted to do a post about my now overflowing sewing basket, as the collection has grown significantly in the past 3 months. From experimenting with different projects I've been discovering what is an essential. So if you're looking into getting into sewing, whether it be dressmaking or quilting or just making little bits and pieces I hope this helps guide you with what you may need to kick start your new hobby,

 So this is my sewing basket. It was a present for Christmas 2014 from my mum, I think it was about £20 from HobbyCraft but you can find them at most sewing or craft shops.It has a wicker handle as well and the body itself is pretty padded. I'm not gonna lie, but I have a feeling I may need a new one at some point, or just a new place to keep my fabric and stuff.

Yeah, I reorganised this before I photographed. It was a right mess before. Anyway, on the top layer I keep the majority of my essentials, stuff I need to be able grab when I'm mid-project. A variety of threads, tape measures, a seam picker (not pictured) and some buttons. I keep needles in the little pocket and I have pins on a separate pin cushion which I keep around my wrist...

That pin cushion was the best £2 I've ever spent. You can barely feel it whilst you're working and makes life so much easier. The dressmaking shears which I stole from my mum are also indispensable. You don't want material that looks like it's been hacked away at, especially if you're dressmaking. I'd say if you want to make an investment, make it a pair of shears. This pair is by Fiskars and you can get them for about £16 on Amazon. So not exactly expensive, but if you're as frugal as I am you'll also believe that anything over £10 is a bit steep.

So the next two are my main threads (polyester and about £3.50 a reel from my local market) and inexplicably three separate tape measures. I'm pretty sure one would be enough, but when one that looks like a ladybird is offered to you, what you gonna do?
Also not pictured is my seam ripper, which has been used far far too much for my liking. I have however learnt that it is an absolute essential when sewing. Mistakes happen (in my case regularly) and unpicking with a needle and scissors is both tedious and detrimental to your otherwise beautiful creation.

Next up are pins (can never have too many pins), this tin was about £2 from HomeBargains back when I first started sewing, The marking  chalk was from my grandmother's sewing basket and is probably about 35 years old now. It still works perfectly and is as good as new. Amazing! The little ruler was free with one of my mum's knitting magazines and has proved really useful when marking darts on the dress which I've just made.

My final essential is a chopstick. Not because I love Asian food. I don't know how to eat with chopsticks, it looks like I'm trying to make them into finger extensions when I do. Instead I use this to get corners out. When you sew two pieces of fabric right sides together and only leave a small gap to turn it right sides out the corners never come back out perfectly, but a chopstick is perfect for this before pressing. So yeah, find a chopstick.

I also keep my ribbons and best fabric in the bottom of my basket. I don't really need to say much more about that, other than I bloody love ribbons.

Anyway, there are your basic essentials (in my opinion) for starting up this insanely addictive hobby. I hope you enjoyed this and/or found it useful and I will see you next time!

Kat xx

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