Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Scottish English Rose Dress

Morning all! 

A few weeks ago, right after the great teaching interview marathon of 2015 I sat down to make the Simple Sew English Tea Dress. 
Now this pattern was a tad traditional for me, but when I was looking at all my patterns it was the one which fit my fabric the best. The fabric, a beautiful red floral by Rose and Hubble which I picked up in the Fabbadashery's summer sale at £3.99 a metre had called to me. It's a little more floral than I usually go for but was just too stunning to say no to. 
The pattern itself was the easiest one I've done so far, no mistakes whatsoever apart from doing my zip too low, but it was my second concealed zip so it's ok. 
I'd say in total with the hours I put in it only took my about 5 to complete this one, and fit wise it is the best yet! 
I chose the capped sleeve option. There were three sleeve options in the pack, two with additional cuff options, but I decided it would be a little too much with the already busy fabric. 

And so here it is! My sewing machine thread was tangled when I was doing the hem, so whatever you do, don't look at the inside stitching (that's if you ever see me!) but from the outside its neat and pretty and that's enough for me :) 

And there it is! There are rumours of a heatwave coming next week, which is good as I'm on annual leave, hopefully we get one more blast of heat so I can legitimately wear this, as I'm not sure how well it would go with black tights and boots. 

What's the easiest thing you've made yet? And what do you think of this creation? 
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Much love,
Kat xx

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