Monday, 20 April 2015

New Projects and a Few Malfunctions

Happy Monday World!
So at the start of this month I decided to challenge myself with stretch fabrics since all the dresses I'm now itching to make need this rather than cotton. It's daunting as it's something completely new and I'm not sure how it's going to work out, but hey, that's what learning something new is all about, isn't it?!
So first off I ordered 2.6m of this dark plum bengaline...
It's much much darker in real life...
 I'm making a wiggle dress with this one, but I'll obviously blog it when I've made it.  But it is the Eliza M 'Eva' dress, and I'm hoping it turns out to be flattering over my pudgy tummy...

Along with this I chose some plain black jersey fabric with a very good stretch. This was originally going to be a turtle neck dress, but I've changed my mind. For years I have always wanted a flattering 'little black dress' but have never had any joy, so I'm making my own. Still in need of a pattern but it will be simple and classy!

Lastly I went all girly and decided to coordinate with my other half's tattoos. I know, I've become one of THOSE girls. I disgust myself. Anyway, by this I don't mean I've got a new tattoo, and it doesn't match his... thank god... instead I got this awesome skull and roses printed cotton (he has a few skulls surrounded by roses tattooed on his arms). I think it's going to turn into a skirt. Either a skater skirt or a pencil skirt. I haven't decided yet!
All the above fabrics I've just mentioned are from Minerva Crafts ( I'm still remaining faithful to my beautiful local fabric store, I just needed stretch fabric which she doesn't stock at the moment and it PAINED me to take my custom elsewhere for once! I have to say though, the skulls cotton was £2.99 a metre, which really is pretty amazing.

So now that the new projects for me have been discussed, something super exciting has happened as well. About a month ago I put the word out on Facebook that I needed a made to measure model. Someone who would be willing to buy the fabric and any trimmings and I would make them the dress for free. Much to my dismay no one came forward, until it was mentioned in passing with my friend Katie and guess what?! I'm now making her 30th birthday party dress! Her birthday is on the 3rd of May but I've already made the lining and the first fitting is tomorrow. It's all going well and you'll all get to see her in her 60s shift dress glory when it's done :)

So malfunctions... there have been a few. First being that I made myself a beautiful grey and flowery wiggle skirt... 4 sizes too big. I figured that I needed to add 5 inches to make it fit me, but accidentally added 5 to each pattern piece... so yeah, 20 inches! Before altering it sat below my bum and looked like a granny skirt. After much cutting and pinning it finally fit and I was so chuffed that I wore it to work the next day! As I was stepping up on the train however, I heard a loud rip and a cool draft. Panicking, I found a seat and fretted about it all the way into Leeds. Unaware of the damage I spent FOUR POUNDS on a travel sewing kit from Boots and went and sat in the station toilets for 15 minutes. As it turned out the 'wiggle' had ripped from the top of the split to near the zip, and my bum, encased in control tights, had been flashed to hundreds of commuters in Leeds station.
So people, the moral of the story is you CAN have too much of a wiggle...

My lovely handmade purse has also seen better days, as a bottle of water leaked in my handbag and ruined the fabric glue, so the clip frame is now falling off. Another moral: don't buy fabric glue from Poundworld.

I'm currently making Katie's dress and my own stretchy wiggle dress to be ready in the next couple of weeks, I just hope they don't disintegrate or something...

Every project is a lesson :) Until next time crafty friends!

Kat x

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