Monday, 29 December 2014

The Crafty Traveller

HELLO! And welcome to my new blog.
The other night I was thinking about my most recent project and how I am stupidly proud of it and wanting to show it off, so I headed to my current blog. SOMEHOW, the beautiful creation didn't fit in quite right with my life rants and updates about how lost I have been. So I got to thinking, I am in need of a new project. Sure, I have many on the go, but I want a way to log my passions, and a possibility to inspire others. So here we are, welcome to...

The Crafty Traveller.

Who is the Crafty Traveller? 

That would be me. My name is Katharine, but I am normally known as Kat. I'm 25 years old and I live in England, but I'll always be Scottish at heart.
That's me.
I've always been a crafty wee thing, since an early age I've received Christmas and birthday presents in the forms of "make your own..." kits. I took Art and Design at school, and failed. Mainly because I couldn't keep to deadlines, but also because what I made for my final piece was ridiculous. So after a big fat F eight years ago I threw in the towel. I did some paper crafting but I never did anything big or substantial until a couple of years ago, and then again this September passed. And now? Now I'm a woman possessed.

The other half of me travels. Or aspires to anyway. Last summer I completed a TEFL course and subsequently spent 6 months dancing around classrooms in Poland. The experience of living abroad stirred something which had been lying dormant for (funnily enough) eight years and has since become an obsession. Finances permitting, I'll be out living abroad again within the next year, and intend to write about the weird and wonderful places I experience, in between writing about the weird and wonderful things that I create.

So here we go, I hope you enjoy and that something on here inspires you to try something new. Bobbins and passports at the ready...

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