Saturday, 17 January 2015

Haberdashery Haul

Happy Weekend Guys! I have no new creations to show you this week sadly. This past week has been pretty rough on the old emotions so when I've been getting home I've been hiding in my bed. The bright side of this though has meant that I have been treating myself plenty to bring a little more sunshine to my life. And instead of hitting ASOS I've been hitting the haberdasher's.

I tend to buy my supplies from the local market or from my mum's collection (well I don't buy them from her, I pilfer with puppy dog eyes). But, lately I've discovered a couple of new places in the local area which I have just fallen in love with. If I ever won the lottery I'd just buy them out. So here are a few of the little bits which I've been picking up lately. I don't have anything in mind for any of this stuff, but I think that's what I love about it. I bought it all because I loved them and will make them into other things that I love. 

So I have kind of gotten a little obsessed with fat quarters and fabric samples. I discovered that will give you three free samples with free postage and whilst they're small they will come in handy somewhere. I've also got a couple of big projects in mind which I need lengths of fabric for, so I'm looking at jersey fabrics and tartans. I got them sent to my office however which confused my colleague when he was opening the post on Friday and found three squares of fabric rather than a contract. I found that too amusing.

I bought a couple of fat quarters today from a little place in Halifax called the Faberdashery, which I have proclaimed to be my favourite place in the entire world. The pinky one is covered in vintage baking labels and stuff (baking is another passion of mine) which I think would be cute for an apron or as bunting. The other is quite self explanatory - tape measures. On fabric. I think it may turn into a coin purse or a pin cushion.
I also bought some new berry pins from Ribbon Circus in Hebden Bridge. Because you always need pins.

Ribbons are my weakness. I could have bought them all, but I settled on a metre of tartan (staying true to my roots, innit), some "handmade with love" for mini projects, more tape measure themed just because I think it's adorable, and some travelling inspired ribbon. Yet again, I don't know where they'll end up but I just love having them.

I also got these just because I thought they were adorable! Need I say more?

And finally... I got this free with a sewing magazine. I'm not sure how much I like the turtle neck on it so may leave that out, but the sleeves are flared but the dress is kind of a bodycon which I love. I'm still deciding on fabrics for it. It needs to have a two way stretch so I'm steering towards sweater fabrics. As much as dressmaking doesn't really turn out cheaper than buying new clothes it's much more fun. I've decided to make a few dresses to get a hang of it and then I'm going to start altering old clothes and see if I can refashion things.

So there it is... a haul of new things to fill up my sewing box, now to actually sew something.

I hope everyone's had a good week (or at least one better than mine!). See you next time when I will actually have made something! I hope...

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