Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Another Blogging Break

And these are the reasons why...

1. Work. Work work work work work work work work work work. And repeat. I'm in my first official year of teaching and did not find a substantive position before my course ended. Because of this, I have been in two schools within the last half term and will be moving to my third as of January. It's all exciting and happy and good though, just mega busy!

2. Social life building. I've been living here for nearly 3 years now and have built up some solid friendships around me. I've not done too badly. but I'm still living in the sticks away from said friends. For two of those years I was in a long term relationship and when that ended so did a fair part of my social life. Obviously, I am in no way blaming my lack of life on this, I just should have prioritised finding my own group of people to be with before romance hunting back when I returned from Poland. Everything happens for a reason and what I'm building up now is extremely positive (and exciting!), but I don't want to be in the position again where I find myself single and with very few chances to go out and socialise. Anyway! Clubs are being joined, hobbies entered into and I'm very close to getting my own set of wheels! This time next year I want to have my own place in Leeds, so it's project life right now. The quiet life is over for me.

3. Exhaustion and sickness. So I had the flu, then a chest infection, for like 3 weeks, and continued going to work with it. So it was a case of teach, mark, home, plan, bed for that time. I'm all better now though and a certain someone is now happy with being around me again since I'm no longer a (and I quote) "snotty mess".

4. Have I said work?

So that's pretty much why I've been on a break. I haven't been sewing and whilst I miss it, I haven't been able to get excited about making anything lately! Trying to change that since it's now half term break but number 2 on the reasons list is getting in the way of it!

I was approached last month about being featured as a 'Sewing Superstar' on Cut Out + Keep so I am finishing my projects for that as I am super excited to *finally* get that done.

So that's an update from me and stay tuned this week for posts about how to make your own patterns from your favourite pieces of clothing.

Til then, peace out :)

Kat xxx

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